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To Do List:

Sun Apr 23, 2017, 1:04 PM

Hi everyone

I'm working on a few things and I would love if you guys voted for what you would like to be released first~
You can vote HERE

  • BLOOM Multi-Pitched VCCV                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Rue Cross VCV Tri-Pitched POWER APPEND                                                                                                                                     (Going to be like a KIRE bank for Rue, Probably will rename it. Open to suggestions!)                                                                                
  • Rue Cross VCV Quad-Pitched ENCORE APPEND                                                                                                                                 (Must be released after POWER APPEND, I want this bank to be absolutely perfect so I want to make sure I have enough experience to record it exactly the way I want)                                                                                        
  • BLOOM CV-VCV                                                                                                                                                                                       (Possibly Multi-Pitched)

I have other stuff I want to release but those are the main ones~
So I will probably update this more~

Thank you!

Hi there~

You MUST have an TDA MMD Model to join
And you must render your own part~
Here is the UST:…
(Once I approve I will give you the password if you can't figure it out~)

  1. Rue CrossVCV ALPACA (Tripitched VCV+CV that is soon to be released publicly)
  2.  Trina Wylington Starlight-Enterprise 
  3.  Ika PlatyBara 
  4.  Kogoe Yume Fennirs 
  5.  Chiyo Ne Rinni-P
  6.  Merodi Ongaku RitaLeader14
  7.  Myojo Odoriko mbarnesMMD -MISSING PART-
  9.  Houseki MajesticFork 
UTAU Name: First, Last
UTAU Sample: SC or YT
UTAU MMD Model Video Sample: YT
UTAU Download:

Once I approve please send your rendered vocals within 24hrs otherwise I will give away your slot, If you need more time please note me~
This is not first come first serve!

Thank you!
What Software Do You Use To Make Your Textures?
Honestly, Anything free I can find on google. It varies from soft wares like FireAlpaca to a simple free photo-editing software. There is never just one or two since its always changing since different soft wares have different brushes/effects.

How Do You Get The Texture On One Side Of The Face?
Please look at this tutorial. You can use it for any part of the model, Not just eyes!

Do You Take Requests?


Can I Edit One Of Your Textures Then Redistribute it?
No. Or at least not without my permission. Please ask via noting only so I can keep track~

I'm Not Releasing My Model Publicly. Do I Still Need To Credit?
YES, Absolutely yes!

Can We Be Friends?
Friendship takes time.... I can't just say yes because that seems like a lie.... But we are cool! No worries!

I Saw Someone Disobeying These Rules. What Should I do?

Link them to this journal please. If they continue their ways I will handle it myself but thank you very much for your concern!

If you have any other questions please ask below and I will add it to the journal once I get the chance but I should answer your comment most likely within a week~
Thank you!
Hi everyone!

So I'm hosting an UTAU Project!
This is supposed to be a fun project Mixing UTAU with MIDI from Videogames such as Pokemon, Animal Crossing, etc, etc.
To create fun acepapellas and such!

Since this is the first of its kind, I figured we'd start with one game at a time!
You may enter once per game series~

The first series will be animal crossing!
You can see an example of what I will be doing here:
This is an acapella of K.K. Disco from Animal Crossing!
LadyDawnWonderland is drawing the image for this one since its already claimed by her!
I will be using the image Dawn made + My Ust/Mixing to make a cute fun Animal Crossing video!
I may make the ust to sing the song as K.K does live to make it extra fun!
1 per each song and there are 90+ songs so I will need a bit of help~
Thats where you guys come in!

You guys will be picking 1 song to do each (Unless there are limited entries)
AND you must draw art for that song/render your vocals~

But why should you do it?

So....Fill out a form and lets get started!
  • Name You Would Like To Be Credited By:
  • Utau Name: (First, Last)
  • Sample:
  • DL Link: (If you do not have an UTAU you may suggest one BUT you will still need to render the vocals!)
  • Official Art: (Does NOT Have to be transparent!)
  • A Reference Of Your Art: (This must be art you drew or MMD picture you made!)
  • Song you would like: (Check here for all songs you can choose from!)

Once I approve, Please draw the cover art AS CLOSE TO THE ORIGINAL AS POSSIBLE! I will send you the ust once I finish it. Please reply to my "Approved" comment with these 2 things (These may be submitted separately):
  • Rendered Vocals
  • A Link To Your FINISHED Art For The Cover~

Taken Songs (You can look through all songs open/closed here):
K.K. Disco - Lavender Waltz x Rue Cross - Just Needs Art
Bubblegum K.K. - Ika x Ika-Ni - Needs Art/Ust/Vocals
Space K.K. - Rami Kaishi x Pasteruu - Needs Art/Ust/Vocals
K.K Sonata - Chiyo Ne x Midarana Hoshinoko

Please do not redistribute the ust I send you
These will be submitted to DA, YT, and Possible SC~
I hope you all have a fun time joining me in this project!
I can't wait to see how this turns out!
Thank you!
Yo everyone~

Please pay via the commissions widget!
Use math to add up the points/click multiple times on the widget til you get the right amount of price!


(Just be sure to comment linking me to where you shared~)

So lets start lowest - highest price~

Points 50/$.50:
UTAU WAV Sample Clean-up (CV ONLY)!

Points 100/$1.00:
Paper Craft!
Pasuteruu PaperCraft by UtauRueCross
Mixing (Vocals/Off Vocal must be provided)!…

Points 150/$1.00:
UTAU Design!
    (Outfit Only)      | (See More in My Gallery)
houseki design + update by MajesticForkUTAU Designs | (Adoptable) Designs

Points 200/$2.00:
Newly Stlyed Cheeb | Full Body Chibi | UPDATED Full Body Chibi | Sharp Chibi
  Rue Cross Alpaca Append: Newly Cheeb by UtauRueCross     Aoyoru Full Body Chibi by UtauRueCross           Updated Full Body Chibi: Sanzu by UtauRueCross         Sharp Chibi Sora by UtauRueCross

Points 250/$2.50:
Custom MMD Texture (Not made using TDA, Lat, etc. etc.)!
12+ NEKOPARA AI Eye Texture by UtauRueCross

Points 400/$4.00:
LipSync/RipSync Models (Chibi)
Examples:Squad UTAU Super Chibi Lipsync/Ripsync Models! by UtauRueCross

Points 800/$8.00:
Look-A-Like Cover Art:
YT COVER: You And Beautiful World by UtauRueCross

Points ?/$?:
Open YCH

Thank you!
Unfortunately this is a call out post.
So once again I'm going to defend my self.

How it started:
Echo FAKED A SUICIDE NOTE the day that someone dear to my heart ACTUALLY COMMITTED SUICIDE.
Unknown by UtauRueCross
Screenshot (12) by UtauRueCross

Echo, You PLANNED to Temp. Deactivate.
And had so many people worry about you.

So, I noted her Privately on the subject.
My note is on the bottom her RESPONSE is on the top:
Screenshot (14) by UtauRueCross
I tried having a HEART TO HEART WITH HER
And she responds with "I can't NOT hate you"
I was hurt so my friends tried to talk to her for me since she clearly did not even want to give me the time of day:
PlatyBara note:
No by UtauRueCross
You saw my note. I never laughed at her disorder....(If she even has it.)

LadyDawnWonderland 2nd Note, Echo ignored the 1st one. WHICH WAS ASKING HER IF SHE WAS ALRIGHT:
Screenshot 20161202-222452 by UtauRueCross
We just wanted to help. Or they did. I was DONE at this point.
62cc374b57d54fc6a9fed1c2f7480752 by UtauRueCross
7587c75ec7894db5a6ecd17b992c3d87 by UtauRueCross
Welp, Saw that coming.
Simple case of Attention-Seeking-Itus

AND last but not least
Screenshot 2016-12-03-23-36-56 kindlephoto-1034085 by UtauRueCross!

Everyone, This is a girl who uses a disorder she may not even have as an excuse for ALL her wrong actions.
If every little "no-no word" made you want to kill yourself, YOU WOULD BE DEAD
She doesn't care who it affects and shes just looking for attention.
Please do not feed into her lies.

In conclusion,
Echo you are a terrible human being
With "Special Snowflake" syndrome
Who uses mental disorders as excuses
And you NEED to stop.

You owe an apology not just to me for making this public even tho I offered support,
And you ESPECIALLY owe an apology to your friends who you lied to PRETENDING you were going kill your self causing them to worry.

I have nothing against those of you who know or are even friends with this person.
I just have no respect for her
And I will not stand by someone who is trying to ruin my name.

Thank you for you time.
Hi everyone!

So Parapa-kun convinced me to join this years Inktober Fest~

I'm currently only opening 10 slots but....
Hopefully I will open more if I have the time!

  1. Parapa-kun
  2. RitaLeader14
  3. Fennirs 
  4. LadyDawnWonderland 
  5. EddieVeneziano 
  6. zanarkavalonic
  7. Jennerationz 
  8. Aafje98 
  9. Tundraviolet
  10. toxiceggplant 
I really hope my art improves~
Just give me a reference and I will add you to the list!

Thank you very much!
Hi everyone!

So I'm planning on releasing Rue's VCV bank soon~
But I need a design for her bank


1st Place: Razz-Pixel!
Design Entry Rue by Razz-Pixel

Rue: Where do I start!?
This is so cute!
I love the soft flower-like feel and calm but adventurous vibe!
I'm most likely using this design for her official VCV~

LadyDawnWonderland: Omg it's adorable.
The ombre effect on the coat is lovely.
The baby doll dress and the lace gives off a cute touch.

Aafje98OOOOOOOO I love that one.
White and pink colors strike again.
It's really cute and fits so well.
That little blue scarf, the pink jacket, it's beautiful.
Really like that one. 

Fennirs: The overall outfit is cute, I think those stockings would suit her.

You Won:

2nd Place: smileyfacedtree!
Entry for Contest by smileyfacedtree

Rue: Ah~
They way the colors were used/blended is absolutely stunning!
I really appreciate the effort!
And the design overall is gorgeous!
I'm most likely using this for her FANTASY Append~

LadyDawnWonderland: A nice blend of colors.
It's very cute and reminds me of a ballerina.

Aafje98In my opinion it kept the most of Rue's original design, but still gave a new twist to it.
The white colors fit her and the dress is just adorable.

Fennirs: I think this kind of dress really suits Rue

MMDMariaxxI really like this one because it's similar to her old design, but also looks like she's been upgraded (like her voicebank!).
The sleeves and laces are so cute, and I love how her dress saturates along with the layers.
The shoes are great too! 

You Won:
  • Rummy Model by Me
  • 1 Choice from my Commissions
  • Cover Line-Art or Tim Burton Style Drawing from LadyDawnWonderland 
  • Headshot Drawing from Fennirs 
  • 100 Points

3rd Place: dreamsReaper!
Rue Cross VCV design [CONTEST ENTRY] by dreamsReaper

Rue: So cute!
I love the headphones and details!
I'm most likely using this for her HYPE Append~

LadyDawnWonderland It's like a futuristic cute xD.
I love the poofy end.
Would be cuter with a pastel pink.

Aafje98Pink is also a great color for Rue and this design is really cute and futuristic.
It's nice and it's soft, it really fits. 

MMDMariaxxThe bubble dress is so cute!
What I really like about this is the vest; Cyber and stylish at the same time.
This really mixes Cyber/Cute, and the hologram spots are so creative! 

You Won:
4th Place: MMD-Anime-Bunny and Nikomitsu!
[Contest entry] Rue Cross VCV [For UtauRueCross] by MMD-Anime-Bunny
Rue Cross! (For UtauRueCross's contest!) by Nikomitsu

Rue: Ah~
I couldn't decide between these two!
Both are absolutely adorable and I can see the effort put into each one~
So both of you are tied for 4th place!
MMD-Anime-Bunny you were right the blue does look great and I like the pink as well!
I love both the Elegant but Cute/Soft feel to it!
And I love the headphones!
Very nicee~
I'm most likely using this for her STRONG Append or CVVC~
Nikomitsu I love all the details!
The way you made the Pink and Blue work together is fantastic and adorable!
All the little bows, patterns, and details in general....So cutee!
I'm most likely using this for her STROLL Append, English VCV, or VCCV~

FennirsI feel like both colors suit her, the top and the sleeves would do it for me.

You Both Won:
  • Sharp Chibi Drawing from Me

It was so hard to choose since everyone who entered was so talented and had great ideas!

Winners: Please contact both me and the judges via note to claim your prize!
For art or Models please leave references!
Points have been gifted to you~

For Every 10 entries I will add a new place (4th place, 5th place, and so on) and even more prizes!
(3/10) 7 more entries til 5th place is added!

Contest Ends: 10/15/16

Some things I like for Rues design (You don't need to use any of these in your design just they may help!):
Short Skirts/Dresses
Layered Skirts/Dresses
Thigh high socks/Boots
Long Sleeves/Reserved short sleeved looking outfits
Light Pastel Like Colors (Preferably Pink/Light Blue)
Half Up Do's
Cute/Kawaii things

Here is a base of Rue/Pallet if you would like to use it:
RueCrossBaseSharp2 by UtauRueCross
Traditional Lineart by LadyDawnWonderland 

You may enter as many times as you'd like!


Special Thank You To Everyone Who Helped With Judging and Prize Donations!
Unfortunately I have been getting harassed non stop by a group of bullies....

<da:thumb id="636032758"/>
<da:thumb id="636031381"/>
<da:thumb id="636030674"/>

Alright but why?
Well I uploaded a texture called cutting scars requested to me by 2 different people.

I did not do this to romanticize self harm in any way I was merely fulfilling a request with no intent to offend anyone....
And when I saw it did offend people I removed it IMMEDIATELY.

(I'm sorry to anyone who I offended. I had no malicious intent nor did I mean to offend you....)

But that wasn't enough,
A user by the name of PekoeTea started harassing my profile calling me names demanding I make a public statement saying I promote self harm when that was not the case at all.
PekoeTea even threatened me that they were getting their friends involved.
And they did.

A few others joined in to defend me then he/she attacked them as well.
With names, accusations, and such.

So I blocked the user.

Now they decide to continue it forward by having their friends fight their battles for them.
I really REALLY did not want it to go this far which is why I hid the comments....

But this harassment is out of control.

Those of you who know me and my work can see that most of it are requests for others.
I was only trying to help!

Yess I blocked all users

Because I shouldn't have to deal with these people who have absolutely no idea of the situation other than what their friend has told them.

I just wanted to clear my name of this situation....
Hi everyone!

I have been having some people harass me about request so I decided to clear some things up!

First of all there is a Waitlist
And here it is:
As you can see it is quite a lot with more being added just about weekly.
I have recently told everyone that their request may take a while and just about everyone said it was fine.
Those who didn't want to wait were kind and said not to worry about it.

Secondly Time
I am a full time college student taking 14 credits.
I have a full time job.
And sometimes I just like to relax and work on other things besides textures.

Normally in between classes I will work on some requests but please understand time is limited.

And when I'm not doing any of that I'm sleeping because I am so tired!

Thirdly Harassment
Please do not harass me by:
Pressuring Me
Commenting about your requests on my newest uploads
Commenting about your requests on my profile
Doing anything about your requests publicly
Or being just plain rude!

Please note me!

I mean come on guys I'm trying to help you for free and you try to cause unnecessary attention?
I'm trying I really am!

And unfortunately from now on who ever chooses to ignore this I will just remove your request and not worry about it any further.
I'm sorry just I have enough stress IRL and I really don't need any more.
Please try to understand.

And Finally If You Would Like To Make A Request
You must have read everything above or at least understand the current wait time is months.
You must note me DO NOT COMMENT

If you don't feel like waiting and have already made a request please comment with REMOVE and I will remove you from the waitlist

I'm sorry I had to make this public.
But I'm really tired of all the misunderstandings and negativity.

Thank you to everyone who has been patient with their requests
And thank you for reading this in general
Hi everyone!
So, Lets get straight to the point shall we?

Newest to Oldest:
Midarana Hoshinoko
Rue Cross

(You can also find most of these in my gallery!)

Upcoming Banks:
Pasuteruu VCV
Midarana Hoshinoko VCV
Ika-Ni VCV
Rue Cross VCV
Latei Kurimu VCV
Mystery UTAU VCV

Other Information:
What I Need

I hope you enjoy using them!
Thank you so much!
Hi there everyone!
I'm in need of some points so I lowered my commission prices for a Limited Time!

These are for points only~
But if you don't have enough points don't worry!
You can win some art Here!

Here are the prices in order of Most Expensive to Least Expensive:

Full Body Chibi: 200 Points~

Midarana Hoshinoko Full Body Chibi by UtauRueCrossIka-Ni Full Body Chibi by UtauRueCrossPasuteruu and Latei Summer Outfits Full Body Chibi by UtauRueCross
Headshots: 120 Points~

New Headshot Drawing Art Style? by UtauRueCrossLatei Kurimu Headshot? by UtauRueCrossPasteruu Headshot! by UtauRueCross
Custom Circle Chibi: 80 Points~

UTAU NEWCOMER Pasteruu Design by UtauRueCrossUtau Simple Circle Chibis by UtauRueCross
Simple Chibi: 60 Points~
UTAU Latei Kurimu VCV Designs! by UtauRueCross Utau Design Idea Vote Kind of Thing? by UtauRueCross

To commission anyone of these please fill out this form:

Name of Character:
Additional Information:
Is this a gift for someone? If so who?:

Please fill out the form either in the comments or in the commission request info~

Please use the commissions widget to pay!
You can find it on my profile~

There are some rules:
Always credit!

That is all~

I hope you commission me!
Thank you so much!
Rue Cross V2
UTAU Information


Rue Cross VCV
Full body pic

Name: Ika-Ni
Name Meaning: Squid-Ni
Personality: Happy, Lighthearted
Voicebank Type: CV
Additional Information: Loves Squid

Hair: Straight pale pink fang bangs with two low long thin twin tails in the back.
Eyes: Yellow
Outfit: Pale yellow t-shirt blue skirt knee high white socks dark blue maryjanes and a backpack

Additional Info:
Voicer: Myself
Oto: cyclopschan

Full body design/Ref.
Beta Testing

Sample: -
Voicebank DL: -
Demo Voice Bank DL: I shall send in a note or note me!

Midarana Hoshinoko
Name: Midarana Hoshinoko
Name Meaning: Star Child
Personality: Perverted, Cocky
Voicebank Type: CV
Item: Camera

Hair: Short Black a single hair strand for bangs.
Eyes: Red
Outifit: School uniform red shirt black skirt dark stockings black maryjanes and a black tie

Additional Info:
Has her camera on her in every song
Voicer: -
Oto: cyclopschan

Full body design/Ref.
Beta Testing

Sample: -
Voicebank DL: -
Demo Voicebank DL: I shall send in a note or note me!

If anyone would like to help me with what I need to get done I will be very grateful!

If anyone decides to help:
I can voice a UTAU for you for free
Make you an MMD texture
A duet with your UTAU
Give some points (not much probably 10 per person since I gave away all my points in a contest I recently hosted)
If you are awaiting a request such as a MMD texture or voice you will be put at the top of my list!

As you see I don't currently have a lot I can offer if you do....
Also for Full body design/Ref. please don't just send your art to me and expect points and what I offered above.
I would like to approve you doing the Full body design/Ref. first.
I don't say this to be mean I would just feel bad accepting it and possibly not choosing it.
If you would like to make some fan art that is different and I always love receiving those!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!
And thank you everyone!
First off
Thank you everyone who participated!
I love all the art that was submitted!
It was so hard to choose....
But, A promise is a promise so lets hear it for the winners!

1st place:

500 points!
A duet with your UTAU!
A special TDA Texture!
An MMD Model!


170 Points!
A duet with your UTAU!
A special TDA Texture!


A duet with your UTAU!
A special TDA Texture!

And now a special thanks to everyone who participated!

You all did amazing jobs!

You can see everyone who participated and winners in the video Here!

I will gift the points!
To claim the rest of your prizes please note me!

Thank you again everyone!
Alright everyone
On this subject I have one main thing to say
If you don't like how I make my textures or what I do,
Then don't watch me.
It's pretty simple

I have been getting a lot of critique and hate blogs (along with other MMDers) like

And I have a few things to say:
1. Me not putting the TDA readme file in my work is completely my fault and I shall start doing it immediately.

2. Saying "I don't deserve my watchers" its just stupid, My watchers have their own minds and I'm honored they like my work.

3. You do not have my permission to post even pictures of my work on other sites like the one in the blog 3 above did, especially without asking first.

4. Your right, My work is for my watchers. Not to get watchers. If my watchers request something or just want something new than you bet I'm going to make it for them! (And for fun)

5. One single texture takes about 4 hours to make on average, Put that on full time college student (7am - 6pm) and full time job. So calling me lazy is just opinionated and false in general. Another reason as to why is I draw the lines of my textures with a laptop touch pad as a mouse. Not the easiest route....

6. I use anything free I can find on google to make my textures. So sorry they don't meet your standards but I'm trying my best!

7. My account is not only for textures. However I can see why you would think that haha~ but the reason why I have so many textures up is mainly because I do requests and want to get them out as quickly as I can. Also I add other things as well and am adding other things.
(Soon to come models, pictures, video links, music links, etc, etc.)

8. While it may look like all I did for some of my textures is recolor your wrong. I put a lot more effort in the detail of making them. Unless someone has requested a recolor of a texture. But even those I normally don't release to the public, I send it back to them in a note with a stash link. The only public recolor I released was my 32+ tint. But otherwise I do not recolor.

9. Yes, I have used a stock on some of my textures. And by some I mean about 4. Because I was requested to.

10. Claiming one of your "sources" told you "she does this purely for watchers" (as in to get watchers) is also false. Here is why, No source ever spoke to me about the subject. Therefore not a reliable source. In fact, Does it even count as a source at all? Also take a look at number 4. on my list if you haven't already. (Sorry my list is a bit scrambled everyone)


12. I'm sorry to everyone that read this and saw my angry side.... But I had to get this out there.

And last but not least I try to be nice to everyone on here.... So my final points are, I'm not going to stop making textures. I am going put the TDA readme files in my textures. And if you don't like me then why should you care what I do? Just stop watching me if that's the case.

To my watchers, Please know I appreciate everyone of you, How you stuck by my side, how you appreciate what I do. And I'm going to try harder to prevent something like these happening in the future~

Thank you!
Hi there everyone~

It would be awesome if you guys could share this journal~

So I'm holding a little contest!
Since not every song has an MMD motion (and I'm not that great at drawing)
I decided to hold a contest!
The contest will be 10/25/15 - 1/25/16 (Time may be extended if needed!)

I would like some cover art for Rue Cross!
You do not need to draw her in her normal outfit
I would actually love her in some newly designed outfits!
Be creative draw whatever you like!

Her reference: UTAU Information
Her primary color is pink
Her secondary is light blue

Here are the prizes:
1st Place:
  • 500 points (1000 if I get 20+ entries by 20+ different people!)
  • A duet with your UTAU (If you have one)
  • A special tda texture
  • An MMD model

2nd Place:
  • 170 points
  • A duet with your UTAU (If you have one)
  • A special tda texture

3rd Place:
  • A duet with your UTAU (If you have one)
  • A special tda texture

So here are the rules and such:
  • I am aloud to keep all art entered
  • I have the right to use it where ever/when ever I please (But I will always credit you don't worry!)
  • You can submit as much art as you want!
  • Preferably songs that have no MMD motions
  • Preferably drawing her in a different outfit than her reference
  • You can also draw Ryan Cross, Rue Zross, Or Arue if you'd like~
How to enter (You only need to do one of these):
  • Create your art and put utauruecross either in the tag or description and put contest entry in there too~
  • Comment your art on this journal or note me here on DA~
  • Tweet it and make sure you put @TheRueCross so I can see it and put contest entry~
  • Message me on Twitter:
If you have any questions feel free to note me or comment on this journal~

Thank you everyone!
And I can't wait to see what you come up with~

Well you guys decided!
Rue's Genderbent is named Ryan!
Thank you all who participated!

Here's a sample:

I was thinking of naming him something close to Rues name like
Ron or Ray....

I would love to hear some of your suggestions too!
Comment below to help me choose a name!
This will close 10/20/2015!

To use him open Rue's voicebank which you can DL Here!
Flags: g+24
And move the ust down by 8~

Thank you!

I hope you like it~

Model by Sushi-Kittie and Me

Song: "罪と罰" (Crime and Punishment) feat. Rue CrossV2

Song by DECO*27

Motion Data:

Lipsync Data:…

Camera Data:…


Teddy Bears:…

UST: SilentlyFreezing

Diffusion 7
KiraKira Colors

Rue's VB doesn't have the english finished yet so it isn't fully realeased. But, If you would like to download her new Japanese Voice Bank you could do so here:…

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Thank you so much for your questions!
I appreciate them all!
Here are my answers!


1. MMD-Anime-BunnyWhy did you start making all those tda face textures?
I started making TDA face textures mainly because I wanted to experiment so I can use them for my own models~ But then I decided to release them to the public for everyone to enjoy!

2.MMD-Anime-BunnyAnd how are you so good at it? O.O
T-That's incredibly sweet~ And I appreciate it! But honestly I'm no professional. Haha~

3.OutOfTheMirrorAtLastWhat is your favorite food?
Sweets~ Or Strawberries.

4.OutOfTheMirrorAtLastAnd color?
I actually have 4! Black, Pink, Light Blue, and White~

5.endy8888 In which programs do you make your textures ? :3
Honestly, I make them with any free program I find on Google haha~

6.MMDInsanity Will you ever try to make textures for things like hair?

7.KawaiiDesuNeko12 Are u Still working on requests?
Indeed I am! I still have a bunch to do.... But I'm working hard!

8.Daisfodays Do you know any super cute funny people, who draw and sing? yknow just wondering. XD
Yess! Indeed I do~

9. SpaceChannel50000 How did you make those TDA textures without any mistakes? :) (Smile)
Well I have made a mistake from time to time.... But I always go back and fix it!
Hi everyone!

Thank you for 450+ Watchers!
I appreciate it very much!

And aside from releasing some new textures for you guys,
I thought I would release a "Ask Rue" Journal!

Questions can be anything!

These questions will be posted on DA and possibly on YT~
If you want to be anonymous make sure to put
Before your question!

All questions will be answered on DA!
I'm not sure about YT because I have no idea how many I will get but I will try to do them all!

Deadline is 9/20/15

I can't wait to see your questions!
Hopefully I get a bunch!

Thank you!